Training Tips

Here you will find fantastic training tips from Tommy.

Shadow Boxing

A quick guide
1.Some sort of protection on your face
Always having your face protected either it be your guard or ur chin touching your shoulders as you throw your shots, working your parrying and crushing etc
2.Athletic Base & Stance
Always working on your footwork and balance, incorporate footwork, movement and switching stances but always make sure that you are in a strong Stance and never let yourself get off balance
3.Good Habits
Always working on good habits
Ie, hands up, chin down, always in good stance, hands and footwork landing together, working fakes and feints
4.Head Motion
Always have your head moving ie slipping, rolling, forward back side to side
Remember a moving target is harder to hit
4.Changing Stances
Ie switches, swing backs, step backs etc keeping your opponent guessing as to which stance you will attack from
5.Attack & Defend
Always working forward and back,turning angles on the way forward and back never just straight lines, working scouping checking etc and returning with your attack then
6.Game Plan or Flow
If you have a fight coming up there may be certain things you will be working to implement this is your chance to get in extra reps on your game plan and strategy ie. Counter fighting, boxing against the kicker etc
7.Do Not Hyper Extend Your Joints